WELCOME to HinWorld!


Here You can find the introductory information about the main work aspects of our Team. This Web Site is updated regularly:

  • Forming, maintenance and enlargement of bacterial collections from different eco-geographical regions. Especially we are interested in the collection and investigation of associative bacteria,  associative and endophytic nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and plant-pathogens with the unique molecular-biochemical properties (http://hin-project.com/bacteria-collection/);
  • Collecting, investigating, production of high-quality seed and planting materials of the important valuable plants for agriculture and industry: legumes, crucifers, grain crops, and solanaceous (http://hin-project.com/plants/);
  • Founding and developing of the Genetic Database of the organisms from our collection (e.g., nucleotide database of 16S  rRNA, gyrB, nod-, nif— genes, 16S-23S rRNA intergenic spacer region, and hin-region; database of saAFLP patterns) (http://hin-project.com/bacteria-collection/table/);
  • Whole genome sequencing (NGS) of the typical strains and the bacteria with the unique biochemical and genetic traits;
  • Metagenomic analysis (MIMS) of the soil microbiomes;
  • Searching for the active  Plant Growth-Promoting and Protection Microorganisms (PGPPM) and development of effective plant-microorganism consorts;
  • Development and adoption the agrobiotechnology, particularly, based on permaculture (permanent agriculture) principles (http://hin-project.com/practice/);
  • Development of the Scientific Reference Library: about thorough questions of plant-microbe interaction (http://hin-project.com/theory/useful_links/), archive of our Team’s publications (http://hin-project.com/theory/publications/), and the publications of our collaborators and the colleagues from the friendly laboratories (http://hin-project.com/about/works/).